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Tips for Staging Homes in Louisville

Staging your home for sale is an art form. There are several reasons why people should consider staging their homes when they are going on the market to be sold. A staged home looks bigger. It looks cleaner. In addition, you're providing a neutral, cheerful feel to the home that suits all potential buyers. If you're looking to sell, learn more about how staging homes in Louisville can help sell your home more quickly and possibly closer to asking price. You can stage your home in one of two ways. You can always do it yourself to cut costs, or you can hire a professional stager to come into your home and tell you the best ways to make your home more appealing during open house time. Empty homes for sale are great, but oftentimes, people like to see how furniture looks in specific rooms. It provides a visual; buyers can envision living there. Moreover, if you're still occupying the house, having it empty isn't an option. This way, you can live in the home comfortably during the sale. The best tip for staging each room in your home is this: Remember that less is more. Get the clutter out of the house. Remove personal items from view. Pack up pictures off the mantle and replace with a decorative vase or scented candle arrangement. Take away small, unnecessary pieces of furniture and leave the essentials. The kitchen shouldn't boast tons of appliances lining the countertop. Put the coffee maker in the cupboard and consider having a decorative bowl of fruit as the focal point of the counter space. These small details make the difference when it comes time to accept the offer. Staging homes in Louisville is a smart and effective decision. If you're ready to put your home on the market, call Louisville Properties at 502.744.9504....

Louisville Home Decorating Trends for 2010

Buying Louisville homes for sale allows new owners to make a fresh start and display their flair for decorating when it's easiest to do it—without having to move and work around furniture and fixtures in the way. Furniture trends are moving away from dark finishes towards lighter, honey-colored tones that make rooms look and feel lighter and more spacious.

For wall prints, geometric patterns are en vogue, particularly bold patterns such as herringbone, ikats and Bargello designs that make a dramatic statement in any room. Other popular and trendy wall coverings getting a lot of exposure in decorating magazines include "new city brights" or rich, vibrant colors that add boldness and depth to any room. Another hot Louisville home decorating trend is maximizing the amount of natural light in every room, reducing dependence on artificial lighting during the day.

Author and design consultant Barbara Schirmeister said that common decorating themes where colors and textures are consistent are on their way out. "Matchy-matchy combinations are declining and unexpected pairings are escalating," she says. She said that mixing new contemporary furniture with traditional home furnishings is hot right now, and people buying Louisville homes are incorporating these styles in unusual and unexpected ways.

While these decorating themes are hot in Kentuckiana and elsewhere, when shopping for a Louisville home, buyers want anything but unusual and unexpected results. That's why more turn to Louisville Properties when looking for Louisville homes for sale. For the area's best selection of...

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