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Some Flood-Prone Louisville Homes to be Purchased

Some Louisville residents may be moving soon if the Metro Sewer District's plan, along with the Army Corps of Engineers, provides an option for owners of Louisville homes in flood-prone areas to move elsewhere. The proposal would buy Louisville houses in these areas and homeowners given the option to sell and move. The proposal is still in the development process, but the flooding in the Louisville area in August gave it some momentum. "I've been here 48 years. We've had this problem for 48 years. Every time it rains really hard, we get the problem. Everything floats downhill," said J.D. Marshall who lives on Maple Street. On August 4, many residents like Marshall found their house, car and neighborhood mostly under water from torrential rains. "It took 7 minutes. Before I could even wake them up, the water was in the house," said Marshall. Bud Schardein, Metro Sewer District director, said that thus far, Maple Street is the only part of town that his office and the Army Corps of Engineers have identified as a part of town that could be permanently evacuated and transformed into what he called an "urban green or recreation" space. "It's a complicated process and it has to be approved by the federal government," said Schardein. He says if approved, people in areas prone to flooding would have the option to leave, but would not be forced from their homes. Marshall said he wouldn't have to be forced to move from his Maple Street home. "I'd be the first to go. I'd say back the truck up and let's go. I'm tired. Can't take it no longer," Marshall said....

Louisville's Phoenix Hill Neighborhood is an Urban Renewal Success Story

While dire economic news and forecasts dominate the media in Louisville and other parts of the country, some good news about Louisville real estate showed up in a most unlikely source. A report on the Philadelphia website, Philly.com, recently discussed a Louisville neighborhood's success story. Twenty-five years ago, Louisville's Phoenix Hill neighborhood was a typical example of urban blight with rows of abandoned houses and unkempt properties. Since then and thanks to Louisville homeowners who saw the neighborhood's potential, Phoenix Hill is a model of urban renewal with an active and engaged neighborhood association. David Kinloch is one of those homebuyers who took a chance on one of the vacant homes and is now enjoying the benefits of living in the revitalized Louisville neighborhood. "We were told that you couldn't build new housing inside the old city of Louisville," said Brown Kinloch, a renewable-energy developer. "We proved that not only could you do it, if you made them affordable . . . they'd sell right away." The grassroots strategy of reclaiming decaying neighborhoods has also taken hold in neighborhoods in other American cities that are struggling with similar problems. In cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and others, community groups and local governments are working together to buy properties, create parks and attract business. It's not easy and requires a great deal of work, but it is working and Louisville's Phoenix Hill neighborhood is one of the country's best examples. If you're thinking of buying or selling a home in Phoenix Hill or another Louisville neighborhood, contact the Louisville real estate expert at Louisville Properties by filling out a contact form or call 502.744.9504....
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