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Historic Piece of Louisville Real Estate Receives Recognition at Last

A parcel of land called "the single-most important piece of real estate" in Louisville by one local historian is finally getting the recognition many feel is long overdue. The former site of Fort-on-Shore, the first mainland building and settlement in Louisville, has long been overlooked as other nearby Revolutionary War sites received recognition over the years. At long last, that slight is being corrected, thanks to the efforts of local historians. A state historical marker was dedicated on the site in the Shippingport warehouse district west of downtown between the Ohio River and Main Street. The historians wanted to correct the mistaken assumption that nearby Fort Nelson was Louisville's first settlement on the mainland. The new historical marker rightly indicates that Fort-on-Shore was built in 1779, a full three years before Fort Nelson was built. Local historian and Metro Councilman Tom Owen hoped that the new designation would spur interest in redeveloping the Shippingport area. He said, "There have been so many dreams about reclamation there." If you've been dreaming about reclaiming a piece of Louisville real estate for yourself, let the experts at Louisville Properties help you achieve your dream. We've been helping people in the area buy and sell residential and commercial real estate in the Louisville area for years. We value our relationships with local residents and businesspeople, and we have our own history, a history of outstanding customer service and always going the extra mile for our clients. If we can help you find the perfect piece of Louisville real estate or the perfect buyer for your real estate, please give us a call at 502.744.9504 today, and let our expertise help you make it happen!

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