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Price for Heating Louisville Homes Will Climb 12 Percent This Winter

Louisville area residents who are customers of LG&E can expect to see higher heating bills this winter. The utility company recently told customers that it will hike prices for natural gas by 12 percent to defray the costs of a price increase from their supplier. A LG&E representative told reporters that a typical Louisville residential customer can expect to see his or her monthly bill to climb an average of $7.33 to about $66.96 per month. The company bases that estimate on average usage of 7,000 cubic feet of gas per month. Despite the price hike, LG&E officials claim their energy prices will still be the second lowest in Kentucky. Customers may find some solace in knowing that LG&E sells natural gas at their cost to customers, so padding their margins is not the driving factor of the rate increase. The utility company does, however, earn a profit on delivery charges for providing gas and electricity. LG&E is not the only Louisville-area utility company charging higher gas prices this winter. Columbia Gas and some other utilities have announced price increases that reflect higher costs. This news is one of many reasons to hope for a mild winter this year. If you're looking for energy-saving tips to save money on utility bills all year 'round, please check out other blog posts here on our site. Many of the most effective energy-saving tips cost little or no money and begin paying for themselves right away. If you're in the market for newer, energy-efficient Louisville homes, we can help with that, too! Browse the Louisville real estate listings on our site from the comfort of your own home, and when you're ready for a tour, just give us a call at 502.744.9504!

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