Flat Fee MLS Listings
Flat Fee MLS Listings

About the Louisville MLS

How the MLS Works for FSBO Sellers

As a seller, your home is listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) by a participating member of the MLS (like Louisville Properties.com). Your listing includes multiple color photos and detailed features about your home. Also, the cooperative commission is offered to the buyer's agent.

MLS is the Most Powerful Tool for Selling Homes

The majority of buyer agents utilize the MLS multiple times a day searching for homes in a particular area for their clients. The MLS sorts the homes by the criteria specified.

How MLS Commissions Work

If you decide to accept an offer from a buyer's agent, you will pay the commission amount that is stated in the listing agent's multiple listing contract. The norm for a buyer agent's commission is 3%. You have final ok on what commission you pay to buyer agents. If you accept an offer from a buyer without an agent, you are not obligated to pay a commission. You are free to advertise your home in newspapers, other places, and hold open houses if you wish.

Sell Your Home As Fast As a Full Priced Agent Can

The listing process for your home, utilizing our FLAT FEE SERVICE is the same regardless of whether you list your home with Louisville Properties or a full service real estate broker. Because of the buyer agent's commission, buyer agents have the same motivation to sell your home as any other home for sale. The majority of local real estate companies participate in the MLS. By listing your home on the MLS, you will maximize your home's exposure to other real estate agents and ultimately other buyers.

Flexible Agent Showings

Lock boxes are not mandatory, but are ideal for the home owner to assist in scheduling appointments to show your home. Agents are more likely to show homes that offer a lock box. They allow the seller more flexibility on when the home can be shown. Buyers prefer viewing a home without the seller being there. Key lockboxes also enable last-minute and short notice showings, which often involves relocation buyers who are more likely to buy a home quickly.

How MLS Showings Work

When a buyer's agent locates a home they wish to show to their client, they will call the telephone number on the listing (this is typically your telephone number) to schedule an appointment to show your home.

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