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New Federal Assistance Available for Louisville Home Buyers

Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth has been joined by Louisville Realtors, local homeowners and members of the Home Builders Association of Louisville to announce that more Louisville residents are eligible for a homebuyers tax credit than ever before. "The first-time homebuyer credit included in the Recovery Act has already helped hundreds of Louisville families fulfill the dream of homeownership...

What You Need to Know When Obtaining Financing for a Rental Property

Investing in the rental property business is one of the best decisions you can ever make. If you do it well, you multiply your wealth, create passive income, and also secure a great future for you and your dependents. However, the road to such financial freedom is not devoid of hurdles. For instance, having enough funds is one of the many aspects needed to profit on your investment. Many real estate...

Master Modern Bathroom Interior In Luxury Home With Dark Hardwoo

What Will Renovating the Master Bedroom and Bathroom Add to my Property Value?

If you are considering remodeling parts of your home to either increase the sale value, or make it more attractive to buyers, it’s important to understand that not all renovations are created equal. Upgrading some parts of your home will add more value to the property than others – even if you have spent the same amount on bringing them up to date. Below we take a look at renovating the master bedroom...

10 Commandments Of Successful Investing In Real Estate

There are many kinds of investment opportunities in the market. And almost all of these investment options seem to be a good choice for you. However, there are some tips you must keep in mind while investing in real estate, one of the best modes of investment. 10 Commandments Of Successful Investing In Real EstateHere are the 10 commandments of successful investing in real...

How to Downsize With Minimal Stress

When you downsize, you start a journey that can be stressful, exciting, and bittersweet. Creating a detailed plan and staying organized can go a long way to facilitating a smoother and low-stress transition. Here’s some advice on how to downsize with minimal stress. Plan ahead It’s never too soon to start planning. Start by making lists, like what to keep or give away and things you need to...

How to Prepare Your Home for a Family Member With Alzheimer’s Disease

Caregivers are the unsung heroes of our families. As loved ones get older and suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or other debilitating disorders, family caregivers give up their lives and free time to take care of the people they love. But being a caregiver is extremely stressful and can take a serios toll on the body. Caregivers are often so worried about their charges that they don’t take care of...

Top 4 Things Home Inspectors Look For

Most people understand the importance of having your home inspected by a professional before you buy a new property. Home inspectors have years of experience and specialized training so they know what to look out for in aging homes and what problems are likely to appear. Here are the top 4 things home inspectors generally look for, so you'll be better informed the next time you buy a home.  #1...

What Seniors Should Ask Themselves When Purchasing a New Home

While some seniors believe that once they reach a certain age their home buying experiences are over, many are realizing that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of reasons for seniors to want to purchase a new home, but there are also some significant barriers that may arise. When deciding on the prospect of buying a new home, here are some important questions seniors must ask...

Getting Rid of Movers Anxiety

Moving can be an anxiety-inducing process for most people. Relocation can be so overwhelming. It can make you feel like your head is going to explode. It involves taking care of many small details. It involves handling a lot of bigger tasks as well. Moving can be enough to make even the calmest people feel a little uneasy. If you want to do away with anxiety during the moving process, however,...

Restoration Services: What To Do In the Event of Water Damage

Water damage to your Louisville property can be devastating, especially when it is unexpected. In order to prevent additional and future problems, you need to quickly contact an experienced Louisville commercial water damage restoration service provider to deal with the damage as soon as possible. Steps to Take For Water Damage Water damage can arise from a variety of different...

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Jim Powell has over 20 years of experience buying and selling luxury real estate in Louisville, KY and Managing over hundreds or rental properties across the city.
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Lauren Ghanavatian attended Assumption High School and the University of Louisville. Growing up in Louisville gave her a sense of the unique and diverse communities this city has to offer.

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