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As more sellers turn away from agents as a way to increase profits, flat fee real estate listing services have emerged as a way to reduce seller costs while still taking advantage of the real estate listings network. Here’s a look at the common features of flat fee listing services. The basics of a flat fee listing service are simple: A single fee covers listings in the Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which gets your property in front of hundreds of professional agents. Since an overwhelming majority of homebuyers contract with an agent, getting your property on the MLS is a huge step toward the sale of your home. In addition to the agent’s MLS, many flat fee listing services place your property on several Internet real estate sites. Better flat fee listing services will get your property listed on real estate websites with local reach, such as LouisvilleProperties.com, as well as nationally recognized sites like Realtor.com or HomeAdvisor.com. Some flat fee real estate listing services provide a yard sign. This important marketing tool attracts the attention any potential homebuyers researching your neighborhood. Usually, a sign will include space for your contact information so you can convert a casual once-over into a serious inquiry. A key lockbox is a common extra included with a flat fee listing service. A key lockbox enables agents to schedule viewings more often and frees you from the hassle of being present at showings. When it comes to the sale, not all flat fee real estate listing services give you equal value. If you are interested in flat fee real estate listing services, please read the details of the service agreement. Some service providers will lock you into a specific commission rate with the selling agent. Other services may restrict your right to sell on your own. Double check these details now and save yourself a nasty surprise at sale time. If you have any questions about Louisville real estate or Louisville property services, feel free to call 502.744.9504 or fill out our contact form for a fast reply!

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