Homeowner Study Provides Insight on What Buyers Really Want in a Home

The current recession has inspired many homeowners to reevaluate wants versus needs, and researchers are finding that this reappraisal of values also applies to what they really want in a home. A recent study of over 22,000 people who bought a home in the last year provides invaluable insight into homebuyers’ current mindset and on which things they are willing to spend extra money. This study is of particular interest to homebuilders and architects. Madison, Wisconsin-based Avid Ratings discovered that most current homeowners plan to be “more practical” when they shop for their next home. The survey found that the majority of homeowners don’t want or need health clubs, dog parks, easy access to golf courses, 24-hour security, swimming pools and many other “wants.” Walking paths and children’s playgrounds, however, are “needs,” and builders should note that buyers are focusing more on spaces, not rooms. Grand staircases, media rooms and dead space in general are out. Extra bedrooms, practicality, large kitchen cabinets and efficient use of living space are in. “People are willing to live in less square footage, but it has to be livable,” said one home designer. “They won’t accept a 10-by-10 bedroom anymore.” The study found that homeowners still consider large kitchens, and especially kitchen islands, essential features in a home. Home offices, main-floor master bedrooms and two and three-car garages also scored well with homeowners. If you want to buy a Louisville home that satisfies your needs and wants, we encourage you to spend some time on a study of your own by browsing the area’s most complete listings at Louisville Properties. If you want to sell Louisville real estate, Louisville Properties can help with that as well with discount brokerage services, flat-fee MLS listings and much more. Call today at 502.744.9504 for all your Louisville real estate needs. Resource link: http://www.latimes.com/business/custom/yourmoney/la-fi-lew4-2010apr04,0,7478178.story

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