Sales of Louisville Homes Continue Downward Trend, But Sellers Trying Different Tactics

A recent Fox 41 investigation into the sales of Louisville homes found that sales dropped each month over the summer, and sellers are getting creative in trying to find and entice prospective buyers. Robin Feeney is one of the sellers looking at new ways to attract interest and sell her home. For the last 33 years, she has lived in Crestwood, and she says that she’s not afraid to try anything to sell her home, including yard sale marketing. “I have stuff from when I used to own a shop, so I have tons of Derby stuff. I’ve got all kinds of winter coats. I mean, I’ve got some fabulous coats. Mega sale! Everything’s for sale, inside and out, the house too if anybody wants it!” she said. She said that she tries to time her yard sales when there is an open house nearby. “Usually I do them on Sundays. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of turnout from open houses, and I thought, well let’s give it a try on Saturday. And look, someone showed up, and you know it’s worth it.” Feeney and others trying to sell their Louisville homes face an uphill battle at the moment. In July 2009, 1,195 Louisville homes were sold, but only 785 were sold this past July. When selling your Louisville home in a tough market, it’s very important to think outside the box and explore marketing alternatives as Ms. Feeney and other home sellers have. At Louisville Properties, we have been helping people sell their Louisville homes for years by thinking outside the box, using our experience and resources and harnessing the marketing power of the Internet. We’re locally owned and operated and have a proven track record of success helping people sell their homes in all market conditions. For more information on how we can help you sell your Louisville real estate, call us today at 502.744.9504!

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