Some Homeowners Gain Limited Relief from Chinese Drywall Problems

Homeowners struggling with strong odors, malfunctioning appliances, ruined electrical wiring and plumbing, a host of health problems and other difficulties from drywall manufactured with high levels of sulfur may finally have some help. Homeowners in 38 states have been dealing with a myriad of problems for the last several years as devastation from Hurricane Katrina and a housing boom drove record demand for drywall. Builders and distributors imported millions of sheets of drywall from China to rebuild homes along the Gulf Coast and for new construction elsewhere. Property owners’ problems began shortly after moving in. Some of the contaminated drywall was manufactured in the U.S., but the overwhelming majority of the drywall was made in China and emits corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas causes respiratory problems, persistent headaches, sinus infections and other health issues for homeowners and corrodes most metals in a building. Many owners of homes built with the contaminated drywall are in an unenviable position as their current homes are uninhabitable and they must rent or buy other homes to escape the fumes. Making matters worse, their newly built homes are now nearly unsellable unless they gut them and rebuild at a cost of nearly $100,000. ‘My property right now has no value — it’s toxic. I can’t sell it. I can’t do anything,’ said one homeowner in Florida. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed, but Chinese drywall manufacturers contend that U.S. courts have no jurisdiction over them. Only one, Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, is negotiating with homeowners on a settlement. However, with at least 5,600 homeowners participating in a class-action lawsuit against 1,600 manufacturers, builders, installers and insurers, those receiving any financial help in the short term will be in the minority. The homes affected by the contaminated drywall were built in 2004 and after. If you’re looking for an older home in the Louisville area to buy as your primary residence or as an income property, call the real estate professionals at Louisville Properties today at 502.744.9504.

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