Spring and Summer Maintenance Guide for Your Louisville House

Like car repairs, toothaches and many other things in life, the more you ignore a small problem with your Louisville home, the bigger and more expensive it will eventually become. In order to keep your Louisville house in great condition and protect your investment, there is some routine maintenance you can do each spring and summer to stay on top of things. To that end, here are some easy and inexpensive maintenance tips:

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts and make any needed repairs. Everyone knows that leaves and twigs clog gutters and spouts and result in serious water damage. So check and clean them out in spring and late fall.
  • Thoroughly inspect your roof and replace or secure any loose or missing shingles. Pay special attention to any aluminum flashing, and make sure that it is flush against any chimneys, gables or other features of your home.
  • Speaking of chimneys, closely examine the one on your Louisville house and look for missing mortar, cracks, loose bricks and other signs of damage. If you find any damage, call a reputable contractor and get it taken care of as soon as possible or you’re asking for big trouble and bigger repair bills.
  • If there are places around your home where water is pooling and not draining away, this is a potentially serious problem and you should address it ASAP. There are many different ways to create drainage systems, so conduct some research and determine which one will be best for your Louisville home.
  • Slowly walk around your home and look for any gaps or damage to its siding. Water can get in through gaps and then freeze, creating serious damage. Fix or replace any loose or missing siding as soon as possible to protect your home.

These are all very basic home maintenance remedies, but they can make a big difference over time. If your current Louisville home no longer fits your lifestyle and you’re looking for Louisville homes for sale, contact the pro at Louisville Properties today. You can reach him at 502.744.9504 or visit his website for the area’s best selection of Louisville real estate. Resource link: http://www.houselogic.com/articles/spring-summer-seasonal-maintenance-guide-midwest/

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