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Looking for Professional Louisville Property Management? Here’s Why You Should Call Us First!

Many people who own investment real estate in the Louisville area face the same dilemma: manage the properties themselves or hire a professional Louisville property management company. Neither is better than the other is; it really boils down to the property owner's situation. Nevertheless, if you're a Louisville income property owner who lives outside the Louisville area and has no plans to move here,...

September Real Estate Recap Reflects More of the Same for 2010

Each month thus far in 2010 hasn't been much fun for real estate professionals across the country, and September was no exception. Sales are down, home prices are down in most markets, foreclosures continue to mount and economic uncertainty is dissuading buyers from making purchasing decisions. For buyers, uncertainty about the nation's economy is trumping record low mortgage rates that make now the best...

Home Foreclosures Up in Jefferson County

A new report issued by a real estate analysis firm reports that foreclosure rates in Louisville and Jefferson County were up by more than two percent in May. The news was in the "Real Estate News and Trends" publication issued by Corelogic, which is an information, analytics and business services company. The two-and-one-quarter percent rise in foreclosures represented a jump of one-quarter of one percent...

Some Homeowners Gain Limited Relief from Chinese Drywall Problems

Homeowners struggling with strong odors, malfunctioning appliances, ruined electrical wiring and plumbing, a host of health problems and other difficulties from drywall manufactured with high levels of sulfur may finally have some help. Homeowners in 38 states have been dealing with a myriad of problems for the last several years as devastation from Hurricane Katrina and a housing boom drove record demand...

Foreclosures and Unemployment Claims Rise in July

Real estate industry watchdog RealtyTrac reports that 325,229 homeowners in the U.S. received a notice of default, auction or bank repossession in July, an increase of four percent from the previous month, but down ten percent from foreclosure numbers from July 2009. RealtyTrac estimates that one in 397 American households received notice in July. This is a staggering number, but not as staggering as the...

Louisville Area Landmark Auctioned in October

According to a Canadian real estate company, there will be an auction on October 15th for the former workplace of thousands of Louisville area residents. The Colgate-Palmolive Plant in Clarksville, which once employed 1,500 people at its peak of production in the 1960s making toothpaste, shaving cream and other household products, will be on the auction block. Active International, which bought the...

June Home Sales Surge 26% for Louisville Realtors and Sellers

Officials with the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors say that members sold 1,477 homes and condominiums in the Louisville area last June, a 26 percent jump from June 2009 sales. The boost in sales was a welcome development for sellers and realtors and marked the twelfth consecutive month of improving Louisville home sales compared to the previous year. Louisville Realtors President Linda Gibson...

The Housing Market of Summer 2010 Plagued by Many Factors

Real estate industry analysts' cautiously optimistic forecasts last spring of slow, but gradual growth in the country's housing market over the summer have not come to fruition. Sales of newly built homes are stagnant. Foreclosures for the first six months of 2010 are up as much as 75 percent in most urban areas. Pending sales of existing homes are sluggish. Qualified buyers with good credit are still...

Scam Artists Exploiting Surge of Short Sales to Commit Fraud

Plunging home values in many housing markets across the country have led to increased short sales (sales in which a home sells for less than the amount owed on the mortgage), and some scam artists are using the spike in short sales to commit fraud. California-based CoreLogic, a firm that provides research, analysis and business services to real estate and other industries, is reporting that lenders need...

Historic Louisville-Area Homes Recognized

Louisville suburb Windy Hills and some nearby towns are redefining themselves and drawing attention to some of their historic Louisville-area homes with new signage, a brochure and a look back at some early settlers of the area. Signage along Brownsboro Road and other Windy Hills thoroughfares now read 'Windy Hills -- City of Historic Homes.' The city is now working on a brochure that will note the...

James Powell

Jim Powell has over 20 years of experience buying and selling luxury real estate in Louisville, KY and Managing over hundreds or rental properties across the city.
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Lauren Ghanavatian attended Assumption High School and the University of Louisville. Growing up in Louisville gave her a sense of the unique and diverse communities this city has to offer.

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